The Trainers

Davis Training Systems (DTS), based out of Orlando, Florida, is a leader in performance training. Our system is dedicated to elite performance through expert coaching, programming, and monitoring. Over the years we have helped produce a World Games bronze medalist in the 200 meter sprint, a Gold medalist in the Outdoor National championships, a Super Bowl Champion, 3 players that appeared in the super bowl, 2 NFL Pro Bowlers, a Team USA lacrosse player, 3 MLL draft picks, an MLL champion, MLB draft picks, Milb all-stars, UFC fighters, 35 football players in bowl games, NCAA football champions at the D-1, D-3 and NAIA levels, over 50 all americans, a Gatorade and Maxwell football club player of the year, an ESPY nominee, 2 Mr. Florida Lacrosse players, and 10 Central Florida Players of the year in Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

Founded by Jon Davis and Olivia Lauren, DTS is a unique training system that encompasses structural balance, speed and strength, power, agility, along with body composition and nutrition. We offer a variety of cutting edge equipment and unsurpassed services. This makes it one of the most extensive training facilities in Florida. DTS is designed to train anyone, from sports training ranging from novice to professional athletes along with personal training services. It is also equipped to provide individuals with sports medical services, expert nutritional advice, and our own NSF certified supplement line