Sports Training

At DTS we are about results! BIG RESULTS!! If you want the most out of your training don’t train under a program that is designed for your “Group”. Train with professionals that will design a training program specifically for you.

Our staff has 15 years combined experience-training athletes. The first step in developing speed, power, strength and agility is fixing the weak links in the human chain. Every athlete has weaknesses within their movement patterns. These weaknesses could be flexibility, muscular or structural, mechanical or imbalances of strength between muscle groups. These imbalances could be from a past injury or most likely from repetitive patterns within your sport or sports. If these weaknesses are not addressed in the first phase of the athletes customized program, results will be limited and the risk of injury will actually be increased.

Training Program

The program begins with assessment and testing of upper and lower body strength, structural balance, a vertical jump, as well as a 12-point body fat analysis. All of these results go into the individualized program design for the elite athlete. The off-season program consists of four phases lasting four weeks each. Phases can be also tailored to meet individual time frames.

Phase 1 – Structural Balance
Phase 2 – Accumulation and Hypertrophy
Phase 3 – Intensification and Strength
Phase 4 – Power and Plyometrics