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Our system offers individuals and teams personalized offseason and in-season science-based training programs, coaching, and technology taking the guesswork out helping you become a healthier, stronger, faster and more efficient athlete.


Training begins with a thorough assessment of strength, balance, and power as well as a body fat analysis. Once data is collected an individualized program is written specifically for the athlete. The offseason training process is broken down into phases lasting 2-6 weeks consisting of 3-5 workouts per week. Phases wave in volume, intensity, tempo, and exercise selection to prevent plateaus. The in-season training program consists of 2-3 personalized workouts per week designed to maintain strength and avoid injuries. All programs are complemented with an in-depth nutrition and supplement plan.


Receive attention to detail coaching; we are by your side helping you execute every exercise, reps, and sets correctly. We hold you accountable for not only what you’re doing in the gym but outside of the gym when it comes to nutrition and recovery.


A variety of testing modalities are used to design each athlete’s specific plan and monitor their progress tracked through cloud software; Every session we test and monitor an athletes central nervous system, heart rate variability, and metabolic pathways, why is this important? Because we can analyze how your lifestyle outside the gym- diet, sleep, work stress, etc.- is affecting your athletic performance, and coach you on what you may be missing. Strength training is measured through force plate technology and velocity based training, merely meaning we track the speed of every single exercise, rep, set, and pound you move during EVERY workout that takes place. The data from your workout is taken and compiled every 2-6 weeks, where we compare your results, reassess you and write your next phase to build off the previous one(s).

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