DTS offers offseason and in-season training programs to individuals of all levels incorporating expertise in workout design, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, injury prevention, and recovery all to create a healthier, stronger, faster and more efficient athlete.


The off-season training program begins with an assessment of heart rate variability, upper and lower body strength, structural balance, a vertical jump, as well as a non-invasive body fat analysis. The data collected is stored in cloud software and the individualized program designed is structured in phases that wave exercises, tempo, sets, reps and rest periods; this is done to increase performance, regulate recovery, and avoid plateauing.

Off-Season In-Person Training May Include:

  • Daily training – Strength, power, speed, agility, conditioning
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Manual stretching
  • Vision training
  • Nutritional plan
  • Professional brand supplement protocols
  • Blood Testing Adrenal Function and Hormone testing
  • Blood Chemistry analysis
  • Food Allergy testing

Off-Season Non-Residential Training:
We understand that training as a regular client at DTS is not always geographically feasible, with that in mind, we offer assessment and training options to Non Residential clients.

Off-Season Non-Residential Training includes:

  • Testing day on-site
  • Short term in-person training
  • Training Phases & workouts emailed with video library access
  • Monthly visits to the gym for phase workouts, assessment, and nutritional updates.
  • Available 24hrs for training/nutrition questions

In-Season Training

In-Season Training includes:

  • Training structured around practices, games, and school.
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • In season nutrition and supplementation program
  • Available 24hrs for training & nutrition questions


Jon and his staff at DTS changed my life! I overcame multiple injuries in my hamstring, foot, and calf to run my fastest time ever in my career. With winning a Gold and Bronze medal, in the 200m sprint, along with signing a new contract with Adidas!

Curtis Mitchell, USA Track & Field, Bronze (World Championships) and Gold Medalist (USA Nationals)


For the body to perform optimally proper nutrition must be integrated into training. DTS has expertise in helping athletes gain muscle mass while losing body fat, along with improving nutrition and reducing inflammation to be healthier, becoming stronger and recovering faster.

  • Health history evaluation is given to make known any complaints, daily energy levels, sleep patterns, and genetic risk factors.
  •  It is followed by a bodyfat analysis which will reveal where you store body fat and possible hormonal imbalances.
  • Taking this further we can provide testing for performance hormones like testosterone, advanced nutrients, and metabolic function.
  • We can then customize nutritional supplements to support your dietary needs. Supplements are updated throughout the offseason an in-season depending on changing needs.

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DTS provides a variety of therapy treatments including physical therapy, massage therapy, and fascial stretch therapy.

Services include:

  • Direct access w/out referral
  • Movement and sport injury assessments
  • Individualized treatments
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique – is a comprehensive integrative system of techniques, utilizing muscle activation points, Chinese acupressure & muscle activation points.
  • Fascial Abrasive technique – targets and loosens the fascia that surrounds and interconnects muscle tissue, that when tight, can restrict the range of motion and impair quality of movement.
  • Active release therapy – soft-tissue management system that addresses neural and musculoskeletal pathologies
  • Fascial Stretching Therapy – stretching modality, that focuses on restoring length and proper function to the connective tissue known as fascia, which surrounds all muscular and visceral structures of the body.
  • Return to sports program utilizing sports science technology – testing readiness, measuring imbalances and speed of movement.