Top 8 Exercises to Achieve an Athletic Build

Top 8 Exercises to Achieve an Athletic Build

Athletic Build

Who would not like an athletic body? An athlete’s body is different from a bodybuilders body. A bodybuilder’s body is built for size and strength, but an athlete’s body is built for power, speed, explosiveness, and endurance. It is more concentrated on core strength. They do not have a bulky body like the builders. If you want to build an athletic body, here are the exercises that you should implement.


The easiest power builder for your lower body is squats. Most of the bodybuilders focus on building upper body strength and forget about their legs. They may be able to lift up heavyweights, but when it comes to running a mile, their legs fail to keep up. Squats target a number of different muscle groups in the body, such as lower back, abdominals, thigh muscles, and glutes.

Bench press

Bench press

Just like squats, the bench press is most effective for the upper body. Athletes need to maintain both lower and upper body strengths to perform better in sports. Bench press helps in building chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs. Lifting weight in bench press generates power instability and improves core strength.


Sprints is another important exercise for athletes which helps in improving explosiveness and power in the body. Speed is a huge asset for athletes which can help in different sports such as football, basketball, and rugby. Along with building speed, it also burns the body fat at a much faster rate.

Core Training

While all the other exercises help in building core strength in their ways, there is a different set of activities that focus entirely on core training. If you want to build six-pack and a strong core, you need to do the core training.


Pull-ups are a common exercise for athletes that help in improving pulling movements. It also helps in getting the V-shape for athletes. The beginners may find difficulty in doing pull-ups, but only with a few weeks, one can improve this exercise.


Shoulder press

Strong shoulders help the athletes in sports which require pushing movements. Shoulder press not only strengthens shoulders but also help in triceps, lats, and traps. It is required that every athlete should have the arm strength for sports which require a throw and pulling activities.


Rows help in building strength for pulling movements which are useful for wrestling, football, and other sports. This activity primarily focuses on the lats, traps, and the biceps and shoulders. Performing rows build the back muscles and focus on the joints that connect shoulders and arms.

Farmer’s Carries

This exercise is best for building muscles, body endurance, and provides a massive grip strength. The exercise involves carrying a set of weight to a specific distance which is usually 100 yards. Athletes use dumbells, sandbags, trap bar, and even buckets of sand which is not easy to do at a beginner level.

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