Types of Fitness Exercises for Sports

Types of Fitness Exercises for Sports


To be able to perform better in sports, you need to perform different sets of exercises that can improve your strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and agility. You cannot rely on one single fitness routine to expect all these skills. You need to incorporate different aspects of body exercises to find out how your body performs in different situations. With the combination of these activities, you can build perform at your best potential in any sports. Here are the types of fitness exercises that you should implement in your sports fitness routine.


Circuits are the best way of increasing endurance for athletics. The circuits feature multiple stations where the athletes perform the tasks for a specified time or until they complete the number of repetitions. It trains the athletes for a broad range of exercises and skills.



Intervals are the short bursts of intense activity with breaks of the lighter activity or resting positions. It helps in building the reflexes of the body, and the athletes can speed up their skills. This involves fast sprinting for 200 meters with full recovery or rest intervals. These intervals help in building speed-endurance, which can benefit from sports like football, basketball, and rugby.

Strength training

These exercises build muscular strength, endurance, and body size. The activities involve lifting weights, including barbells, resistance bands, machines, and other equipment that adds weight to the athlete’s body. These activities help in improving strength for weightlifting, shotput, and other such sports.

Resistive and Assistive training

Both resistive and assistive exercises are helpful in increasing speed. In the resistive exercises, the athletes work together to hold each other back while one athlete tries to push themselves away from the resistance. In the assistive exercise, the athletes help each other with the exercises. It can be as simple as passing balls to each other while doing crunches.


These are the bouncing exercises which help the athletes in building power, coordination, balance, reaction time, and explosiveness. It improves flight while jumping and shortens the stretching cycle due to rapid rebound. Some athletes use boxes or ramps to add more resistance to gravity. Plyometrics is helpful in sports which involve jumping, like basketball.



Tempo runs the helpful to athletes to maintain a specific pace in their game while improving it further out of their comfort zone. Tempo running helps in increasing the lactate threshold or the point of fatigue at a certain pace.


Fartlek running is a steady-state sunning that is a part of interval training. It involves the variation in speed and intensity of running and stresses on aerobic and anaerobic systems. The intensity can vary according to the athlete’s will as it is not as strict as the interval training.

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